5 Reasons a Second Mortgage May be Right for You

Not sure where to get some much-needed funds or if you should go for a loan? If you’ve got home equity, then a second mortgage should not be a problem for you!

What is Second Mortgage?

Second mortgage is any other mortgage you make while you are still paying off your first mortgage. Usually, a second mortgage is backed up by a real estate property such as your home because it requires you to have something that has equity to borrow against. The equity can be from your home’s appreciation, your principal mortgage down, or from a large initial down payment you’ve made when buying property. By going for a second mortgage, you can refinance up to 85% of your property’s value!

So now that we know what a second mortgage is, let’s talk about the reasons why you’ll probably have to go for a second mortgage.

Buying Another Property

Buying a rental property is a wise investment because the rent from such can go into paying for the property itself, thereby earning you some profits once the property is fully paid off. The clincher is you often have to chalk up about 20% of the property’s value for your down payment – that’s where a second mortgage can come handy.


They say that it takes money to make money – so it goes without saying that to start a business or invest into something, you’ll need to first come up with a considerable amount of cash. You can use a second mortgage to start a business or beef up your portfolio. Just be sure to invest on something that will be worth your while.

Paying Off Debt

Debt that is left unattended can swell to unmanageable amounts because of high interest rates. Because second mortgages these days often have a low interest rate, it would be wise to use one to get rid of debts that have a high interest rate. You can also pay off several loans at once, leaving you with just a second mortgage to manage.

Renovating Property

Home renovations can get very expensive and getting loans for home renovations is often tricky. By going for a second mortgage, you can use your home equity to get what needs to be done, done!

Paying for School

Going for higher education can be very expensive. If you’ve got home equity, you can use that to get a second mortgage and go back to school or send your kid to school. Higher education also means better jobs and making more, so this is truly a wise way to use a second mortgage for!

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