Get Out of a Bad Debt in Canada

Getting out of a bad debt is quite a challenge, but to try to do so with a bad credit is even harder to accomplish. A bad debt is a debt that you can’t afford to overlook payments for but the terms of payment are making it near impossible for you to have the debt taken care of. It takes a bit of planning and financial maneuvering to get out of a bad debt and we’ll share about this below.

Assess Your Debt Situation

If you have a bad credit or a bad debt, the first thing you need to do to pay off the debt is to find out what caused your present financial situation to begin with. Where you in the habit of purchasing things that are beyond your means or was your situation because of repeatedly forgetting to pay on time, thus damaging your credit score and accumulating lots of interest? Understanding the cause of your bad debt and/or bad credit situation will help you pick the best solution and plan for payment.

You also need to ask yourself if you are truly in debt. Most people are not aware that simple mistakes in recording or computing interest can cause a downward spiral that can place a person in debt although there is no debt, to begin with. Checking one’s credit history is important to see if all information contained therein are accurate. If everything is accurate, then it is time to find a way to pay off the debts.

Consolidate Loans

A possible solution to paying debt is to consolidate your loans to a lower-interest debt in order to manage payments easier. Going this route can help you get out of both bad credit and bad debt by eliminating huge fees for interest and taking care of the hassle of trying to get separate bills paid on time. However, you have to understand that simple debt consolidation may not be enough if you don’t take your financial history into consideration because the truth is, having bad credit and/or bad debts are just symptoms of having a deeper issue with handling your finances. You have to pick a solution that works for your long-term benefit.

Plan for the Future

A personal plan for paying debt allows you to see what you can afford to pay towards debts each month. To determine how much you can set aside for debt payment per month, list down all monthly expenses and subtract the total from your expected monthly income. Whatever is left is what you can truly afford to set aside for debt payments. Determining this prevents you from agreeing to payment terms that you cannot fulfill which will just result in worse credit and worse debt down the road.

Get Out of a Bad Debt the Smart Way

Some smart ways to take care of a bad debt and bad credit is to use your home equity for paying debts or to get a bad credit loan. Both have pros and cons that are worth a look to see which would suit your financial needs better. Contact us at Mortgage Central Canada for an obligation-free initial consultation as soon as possible if you need help with getting out of a bad debt.